To navigate the Ksar Sailboat through the southernmost oceans in the World. Pristine landscapes where no one ever arrived. Descend by kayak in wild places of the Argentine Patagonia and see closely the power of nature in all its splendor.

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Ksar sailboat expedition in Tierra del Fuego Sea kayaking


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    Consult our navigation proposals in the Ksar Sailboat and its spectacular kayaking tours and descents in inhospitable places of Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia Argentina. A unique trip to the least explored places in the world.

    Ksar sailboat expedition in Tierra del Fuego Sea kayaking


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    Pasarela Luis Pedro Fique 305 Ushuaia.

    Tierra del Fuego Argentina

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    Phone: +54 9 2901 464522


    Sailing on the Ksar Sailboat

    Ksar in the Arabic language designates “castle” or “palace.” In other languages of the region it has a more general meaning: “fortified or strong city.” The Ksar Sailboat certainly has that and much more, but what defines it is “I don’t know what”, which makes it special.
    And you will feel as soon as you approach it, you will not be able to escape its mystique. His spirit is transmitted without speaking, it is not something that needs to be confirmed or forced. Its essence is simple, warm but strong, it is stable without the need for paraphernalia. His spirit is above all pleasant and generates a feeling in everyone who inhabits it and lives hours in it.

    The Ksar Sailboat will take you on that unique trip, sparing absolutely nothing, will treat you like a king in his own palace where he abstracts himself from the world to reconnect with yourself, There is no better accomplice.

    Ksar sailboat expedition in Tierra del Fuego Sea kayaking

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    Sea Kayak Expedition

    Get up one morning, feel your craving and adrenaline wane by the icy air of this place that still does not scare you, but attracts you in an indescribable way. Because the place calls you from inside. Know that nothing is defined, that everything here changes instantly. But that the experience you came for will change something inside you. Feel that the energy of the place embraces you, if you know how to understand and respect it. That you are not the only one, that when you sit in the water thousands of original navigators will come to commune in a new exit to the water in this blessed marine territory that was their home for millennia and will allow you to caress it in the same way as if time does not I would have stopped. Reconnect with that story when passing through a creek knowing that it was not so long ago that an original family once descended to spend the day in their canoe. Bring your life, your own home in the water … That is to return to the origin.

    Ksar sailboat expedition in Tierra del Fuego Sea kayaking

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    Sailing and Rowing Nautical School

    Being one who plays and gives himself to the wild, untouched and never tamed nature of this land, is priceless…
    It is a privilege that we have here. Being able to feel on the skin the rigor of this climate, how it punishes you, tests you and how it decides to caress the least thought day …


    that wait is worth everything. Because the magnificence comes to surpass the human who in his purest essence wants to feel small again.

    The student will always be able to receive the technique and precise teaching that will catapult it tomorrow towards an experience of which he will not have a return. Well, once you taste Tierra del Fuego from the water, feeling it in every way, you can’t help feeling one with it when interacting from a boat. It will be the perfect romance.

    Ksar sailboat expedition in Tierra del Fuego Sea kayaking

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    Tierra del Fuego


    Ksar sailboat expedition in Tierra del Fuego Sea kayaking

    Land of Fire. More unknown than ever in times when everything seems to have been discovered. Unique in its irreverence. Raw but perfect in its magnificence. Generous since time immemorial continues to offer everything one can expect to see to feel full. Always ready to print that mark that will be left to the local and the visitor no matter how many times it travels, because it will always be different in its light, in its wind, in its rain, hail and warm sun, because here the 4 seasons live in a day, “as the villager wisely says.
    The gem specially carved by the hand of the Creator. With a promise that does not seek to give, but always ends up being, blow minds and snatch hearts. Because it has absolutely everything and after getting to see only a glimpse of that “everything” you will not feel the same again.
    Door to the mythical Cape Horn to which hundreds of men came and continue to come once in a lifetime just to say “I was there on the last piece of rock before nothing”, where the oceans gather and enter the giant sea which sides the giant ships that are on their way to Antarctica …
    Careful mother of her precious, today declared a nature reserve,

    IIsland of the States, that capricious piece of submerged land that ascended only to show its capricious cut, the perfection of the incessant work that the tireless wild waters of the extreme south can do. Ancestral home of canoeists who called it Chuanisin “Land of Abundance”, and in the counterpart place of passage of the laziness of man who went after the sea lion of two hairs incessantly for his hair and oil until almost extinction and destined for its crudeness as a prisoner criminal.
    Unique in its kind, it does not resemble anything, its colors, humidity and even its fauna seem to want to detach itself from everything, if it even has its own fjords in the middle of mountainous walls that make sentries of what is invaluable … no doubt the gem of Tierra del Fuego. Big Island. when everything seems to be unable to impact more … the little explored territories of the west of Tierra del Fuego appear on the scene, with their fjords and the best secret kept inside. The ice giants that fall into the sea, taking your breath away, amidst an overwhelming silence that renews your essence. After being in front of such a spectacle, only the solemn silence and the emotional gratitude of saying: “Thank you for seeing this in life.”

    Ksar sailboat expedition in Tierra del Fuego Sea kayaking adventures
    Argentina – South America

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